INTELI EXPRESS is a worldwide money transfer system and its core business is Cash to Cash money transfers between individuals; Besides, INTELI EXPRESS product portfolio also includes Cash to Account, Commercial Payments (loans repayments, utility payments, etc.), Internet payments and other mobile money transfers.

As an international market player, INTELI EXPRESS is currently focused on the development of principal international corridors. The system operates in more than 90 countries worldwide with 57 000 locations. INTELI EXPRESS has own service network in Greece, Georgia, UK, and Italy. Based on both own service points and partner’s ones, the system has currently partnership relations with various financial institutions and money transfer systems on all continents

Since the establishment in 2007 INTELI EXPRESS’s business is rapidly growing year over year. Today the system has one of the leading positions and with its ambitious plans to develop global markets; INTELI EXPRESS is rapidly developing its own network in Europe.

Equipped with advanced data security technology and employing specific working procedures to best protect users, INTELI EXPRESS has made significant financial and technological investments pertaining to the safety and integrity of its database, aiming to the utmost security and strictest possible protection of its client’s funds and personal data, utilizing cutting-edge methods of security technology. INTELI EXPRESS provides multi-language technical support throughout 24 hours, 7 days a week, and maintains the highest level of customer confidentiality.

INTELI EXPRESS services have already been used by millions of customers. We appreciate their trust and strive to maintain a high level and quality of service.

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