The wine-making company Giuaani was founded in 2010. The factory is located in the village of Manavi in the Sagarejo region. Its productivity is 300 tons and in the future, it is planned to double the production. The factory is equipped with ultra-modern equipment. The group of its highly qualified employees is oriented to the production of top quality wines.

The idea of the creation of Giuaani originated by the will of transitioning Georgian ancient wine-making traditions to a new stage. The company has successfully implemented a specified goal – the final product of Giuaani is created by mixing and unifying the old traditions of Georgia with new techniques that the world has to offer.

A varied range of Giuaani products can satisfy the taste of any consumer. The customer will discover the taste of traditional Georgian wine and as well as the aroma of the classic modern wine. A constant concern for the company is to improve its own products to the extent that the wine it offers will become consumers’ favorite unchangeable product.

Giuaani plans the realization of its production throughout Georgia as well as beyond its borders.

For more information please visit the website of Giuaani.