INEXPHONE was founded in 2007. The company, staffed with young, energetic and purposeful people is constantly striving to improve and expand the existing services.

The company aims to provide quality services to their loyal customers for an affordable price, so INEXPHONE team is constantly trying to communicate with the various global telecommunications companies, to get acquainted with the news of the digital world and to integrate them into the company.

Merit to the modern technology, the company offers its customers:

■    Portable number taking / using of which can be possible anywhere in the world

■    Free incoming calls from all over the world

■    High quality technical support

INEXPHONE’s essence lies in the fact that immigrants who had gone abroad will able to call to their country from anywhere in the world in the most affordable price, accordingly, the company’s main target audience includes 27-65 years old people, who are abroad for various reasons.

Company Services are divided into three main products:

  • Mobile application (portable number)
  • Calling Card system
  • PBX

Due to these directions, we can divide INEXPHONE users into two segments: Physical persons who, as it mentioned above, are mainly immigrants abroad and Legal entities who use our numbers for PBX.

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Contact Details

  • 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Tsereteli Avenue #57
  • Phone: 995(32) 249 20 20
  • Email:

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